You must be the change you wish to see in the world - M.K Gandhi

You must be the change you wish to see in the world - M.K Gandhi

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Unleash your power within

Am glad that my blog still exists!!!! All this while I was searching for a topic to blog and now, I have got one!!!
Ville… Smallville. No, it is no where related the game which most of guys play on FB. This is super man’s story. How could one not like it? I live on it.
At times it gets pretty boring, nevertheless it’d worth watching. Surprisingly I have not fallen in love with lead character Clark Kent, however I have a great penchant towards Lex the villan.
Why is it that I always end up liking the negative/villain/vamp character and they all turn to be good at the end, just like our Snape !
I liked heroes better. I believe that they have copied almost all the abilities that they have portrayed in Smallville. But, I somehow feel that Heroes was far much fascinating and excellent than smallville in all ways. It din’t have loose ends and not too many characters.
I would say, It is a fancy way of telling I like Peter better! You guys should probably be knowing where am getting to, yes, it is about Senthil and I do miss him(good luck to him for his new movie)
I really wish I had all those powers. It’ll be so much fun, I wish I could fly, like Clark Kent, like Nathan Pateralli.
It would be really good to fly around the world free. Sadly I cannot. Looks like either you need to have only five senses or be a non living thing or a really filthy good looking rich guy/girl to act in one supernatural tv series to get that honor.
Unlucky again! It’s better to blame on luck and move on.
But, this doesn’t stop me from getting a superhero shirt. Yay!! I have got one.
It makes me feel good, like I’m one with super duper powers. How nice would it be to fly from Ashok Nagar to Chepauk to watch an IPL, to Ireland , to panama and to Eiffel tower or at least to MEPZ!
Gosh! I got to stop dreaming now and start flaunting my new T.
And hey, you can get my autograph.  


Subu said...

good 1.....wat abt PB, White Collar, 90210

Sandhiya said...

lol..those are ma tym pass series...wen am really bored, i'll blog ab those:)
thnks bro

deepika said...

Finally someone's back to writing :)
it's good that u didn elaborate much abt smallville coz i wouldnt have had the slightest clue of what ur telling abt and yeah Heroes was indeed v keep writing :) :)
Cheers !!!

P.S : i've been asking for smallville for a v long time ;)

Sandhiya said...

@ Deeps
thankooo swwet pie:) i'll give it you the next tym we meet... n u'd definitely blog am it..:)
Heroes....:( itz done:( i so damn miss it. n yeas, that is the very reason i din't elaborate

arunan said...

Ha read..get a hold of urself..seems every tv series u watch sweeps u off the ground..:P

Sandhiya said...

@ arn yea man i was thnkin ab the same. i watch a lot of series, idid blog ab PB and then dis 1...ofc there was 1 ab senthil(nt heroes) sooo:P i guess u get the point:)

sruthi said...

The blog is more abt wat u dream of after watching the flying man ,oops super man flying,i think i must get atleast a series of wat u were watching,and ireland!hi fi , it got into me too.
nice ;)

Raga said...

vetti phellow

Sandhiya said...'z like u watch amovie n u go crazy..aparam it withers off:(

@raga neenga ennnatha panaringa?