You must be the change you wish to see in the world - M.K Gandhi

You must be the change you wish to see in the world - M.K Gandhi

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Burn the past, Light the future - En Friend(s) eh pola yaru machan?!?!

First and foremost I would like to wish you all a very happy new year!
2011 wasn’t just a year to me; it was a long dragging learning session. Thankfully the session had few breaks at irregular intervals (towards the very end of the year)
It was like the movie Varnam ayiram – Everything happened to me!!  I just wanted 2011 to end and start 2012 with a happy note!!!
I don’t want to brood about the bad parts. Life is definitely a series of pleasure and pain.
The year 2011 did give me a few moments to cherish!
My Birthday (the first interval – Yeas, Nov 26th) – It was my happiest day! My uncle & grams got really emotional. I’ve never seen them that way before. I invited my friends Sruthi, Deepika & Madhuri for Lunch!
They are always full of surprises (OFC, it is part of our tradition!). I was wished happy birthday with a chocolate truffle with apple slices on it (Yummy).  And followed by it was the lunch that my folks had arranged for us.  And that is when Deepika said “we have booked for a movie” (surprise). So we finished our lunch in hurry. We had 15 mins to make it to the theatre and it started pouring cats and dogs (sounds like a movie?)  . We managed to get an auto and as soon as we boarded the rain stopped (Told you- Varnam Ayiram type).  And I kept asking these people about the movie to which they were taking me to. They did really well by not breaking up the suspense. That’s when Madhuri said “They won’t me take me again for a Dhanush movie” Voila! Mayakkam enna it is!!!  I really loved that part (Loved the look on her face when she realized she had blabbered – Cute!). And we did miss the first 20 mins of the movie (Who cares). And all four of took a bus and got back to my place (after such a long time we were using the city bus – A big deal for us, at least we thought so)  and Sruthi shared “the” good news with us(Congrats girl, you still owe us a treat )
And the day ended well!! It felt really good! Thank you girls!!!!!!!

Coorg Trip – Thanks to Subha! This time she made sure we had some good time. Taking off from the Chennai heat and work added to it!! I really enjoyed the trip! (I wish I could pen down more on this, just restricting myself for some reasons: d – Also I ended up watching MI 4 – Why would not enjoy the trip?).

That’s my version of intervals for you from my monotonous mokka life of mine (You can ask the girls for their version- Am sure Subha would have one if not the others)
And about the learning and life hitting hard on me (Never mind, it is all the same for everyone!)

Hope this year showers us with good luck, health and unlimited happiness.


sruthi said...

Sandhiya?am the first one to comment on ur blog this newyear and i found it!"u have posted".
u can never escape from my comments.
The best part of ur birthday , mads suspense!hehehehe .

happy Newyear d

Sandhiya said...

hahaha u rock de!!!

deepika said...

Well well that sure was short n sweet :) :)
though am a bit late in commenting i still made it :P
although it was a little adventure it was fun wasnt it :)
hope we have more of such things in the near future !!

Cheers !!!!! :)

arjun said...

What is the english meaning of "En Friend(s) eh pola yaru machan?!?!"