You must be the change you wish to see in the world - M.K Gandhi

You must be the change you wish to see in the world - M.K Gandhi

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Untold Krishna Lelai - The Bone Breakers:)

I was having a chat with a friend the other day about how am void of topics. She suggested me to write about the same – void.  So here is the post – not on void J
I take a shortcut (meaning not the main road) to reach my station. It usually takes around 7 minutes for me to reach the station from my place. But thanks to the govt, now it takes 12 mins to reach the same place.
Thank the government?  Oh! Yes!!
Recently, I have no idea what has gotten into the minds of the official that they have started laying roads. Probably, Lord Krishna came in their dreams (such things happen, after all India is a God fearing nation – we respect idols more than their principles) and asked them think sensibly and do something for the public (Thank you!)
Now the officials want to do something “wisely” for us, and they called in for an emergency meeting to address and identify the most sensible thing Lord Krishna was talking about.  Immediately a brave soul came up with an idea of laying the roads (what an idea sirji). “Roads it is” and a million was allo(o)tted for the same.
The most common and visible thing in any area in Chennai besides the heat, is the “pit holes”.  They dig up holes for the sake of electricity, sewage water connection (or whatever it is called), telephone, internet and what not. Almost certainly Lord Krishna would have wanted the officials to target these places which actually require some work.
But isn’t it a virtue of an official to do something which is totally unwise and uncalled for instead of what is required?                                                                                                                                                                                                                     
The asuras labeled “SPEED BREAKERS” were born as a result of high degree of misunderstanding..
Speed breakers – the very thought of the word makes me utter all kinds of unethical words. It should be called a “bone breaker”. The purpose of speed breaks is to control the speed of the vehicle, but looks like it has gotten itself a new meaning. It ensures that the person driving breaks his/her bones.   The essence and meaning of a speed breaker has been lost in the transit.
There is four way path in my area, and they have built, what they call a speed breaker in beginning and at the end of each road. I certainly don’t understand the purpose.  If you are a first timer am pretty sure you wouldn’t end up leaving the place without counting the number of teeth in your palms. The speed breakers are very short and narrow seems to me like a layer of adipose in the waist and worst of all it is planted at the beginning and at the end, anyone taking a turn will have the difficulty as there is one immediately on the next road.
And there is place in my area, which actually needs notice. I’m really short of decent words in penning this. My route to the station had 3 speed breaks and now it has gone up to 9 and two under construction- such a sad state! One thing, if heavy vehicles pass by this breaker often, then the road will be back to square one J
I hope Lord Krishna disturbs their sleep once again and tell them exactly he meant – please spoon feed them!
O yeas, I mentioned the void part because, I was thinking on the points that I could use to fill my post with void, and a speed breaker spoiled and spilled my thoughts.
This post is written to settle scores with the little devils called the speed breaks.  


deepika said...

First of all am happy that lord krishna has made u write about the speed breakers instead of the void ;)
i really loved the description !!!

Cheers !!!!!!

Sandhiya said...

hahahah mach!! thanks :)more lelais coming up this summer

sruthi said...

"Speed breakers – the very thought of the word makes me utter all kinds of unethical words. It should be called a “bone breaker”".
It makes me remember the day i fell off from my cycle while crossing the breakers.
Hope the little devils are laid at intervals in a way that it turns into an angel ,Hare Krishna :).

Sandhiya said...

yes padhi demons :D a few angels :) am so enraged :D
tx fr ur comments

arunan said...

Hahahha... It jus gets better and better...

arjun said...

hmmm.... "bone breaker" good word :D